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Environmental Sustainability

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At NOW®, we are a family business, and families take care of their own. For us, that includes being good stewards of the planet we were given and making as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.

As a natural products manufacturer NOW is committed to responsible stewardship of our planet through the reduction of our carbon footprint and sustainability initiatives, such as sustainable ingredients sourcing, environmentally friendly packaging, green facilities, and eco-partnerships and certifications.

55,000 Trees to Celebrate 55th Anniversary

As NOW reaches the milestone anniversary of 55 in 2023, we are partnering with to plant 55,000 trees. Just another positive step in our sustainability journey!

Committed to Sustainable Sourcing

First and foremost, sustainability begins at NOW with the responsible sourcing of our ingredients. For example:

  • We researched our palm oil suppliers and verified that they use only palm oil derived from cultivations that are over 20 years old.
  • Our Cocoa Lovers™ product line is USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced from fair trade certified suppliers.
  • Our krill oil is sourced from well-managed fisheries, does not have a significantly negative impact on the ocean’s ecosystem, and is Friend of the Sea certified.
  • Our xylitol is produced from non-GMO corn cobs which would otherwise go to waste. We believe corn-sourced xylitol is more sustainable than other sources such as birch trees which involves stripping the bark and eventually killing the tree.

These are just a few of our sustainably sourced stories! Whether it’s changing out a current omega-3 supplement to a more sustainably sourced fish oil or upgrading a legacy formula with a newly sourced organic ingredient, our research and science teams look for ways to make our products earth friendly while still accessible in price point.

With more than 150 USDA Certified Organic and more than 300 Non-GMO Project Verified products and counting, NOW takes pride in offering the highest quality, inspired-by-nature products available. In addition, NOW Solutions recently earned PETA’s Cruelty-Free certification for all of our beauty and personal care items, further showcasing our commitment to taking care of the planet and the animals that live on it.

Overall, NOW actively seeks out the highest quality ingredients at the most affordable prices for our customers — all while making sure there is a minimal impact on the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

When it comes to packaging our extensive line of products across all of our brands, there are a lot of elements that come into play. From ease of use for the customer and storage concerns to recyclability and shipping issues, our packaging experts have a lot on their plates. Whenever possible, NOW chooses to use recyclable packaging materials.

In 2019, NOW received an award for our commitment to using recycled corrugate: 22,704 trees saved, more than 6 million gallons of water saved, and 4,730 yards of waste diverted from landfills.

Despite our best efforts and intentions, recyclable materials are not always available for certain products. When this happens NOW partners with Terracycle®, a U.S.-based recycling company that takes non-recyclable and hard-to-recycle pre-consumer and post-consumer waste and converts it into finished goods. Currently Terracycle accepts toothpaste tubes, food and supplement pouches, packets (like Effer-C), and some personal care product packaging from NOW. Learn more about NOW’s partnership with TerraCycle.

Our Green Facilities

From energy efficient lighting and high-efficiency utility systems to water conservation and electric car charging stations, all of our facilities work to maximize their green efforts. Our newest manufacturing facility in Bloomingdale, Illinois and our manufacturing facility in Sparks, Nevada are US Green Building Council Silver LEED Certified. For more detailed information, view our Environmental Sustainability Infographic focused on results of our environmental efforts at each facility.

Eco-Partnerships in our Communities

The Conservation Foundation: NOW partners with The Conservation Foundation to help promote healthy gardens and water conservation through awareness and various programs including sales of rain barrels, composters, rainwater diverters, flower boxes, plant hangers, and more.

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County: Since 1998, NOW has hosted an annual employee forest preserve cleanup day to help maintain the East Branch Forest Preserve adjacent to our Glen Ellyn Road plant in Illinois. NOW employees clean, plant native seeds, set up fish nurseries, and clear invasive plants as part of the volunteer event.

Recognition for Environmental Efforts

From time to time, our team is honored to be awarded with recognition for our green efforts around our facilities or for environmentally friendly business practices. We have listed some of these honored achievements:

NOW Receives Earth Flag

NOW Honored in Nevada for Sustainability Commitment

NOW Receives Award from Forest Preserve District of DuPage County